Print option for payment receipts

While you can click on share and use the system options to print, would be more convenient to be able to print with a click of a button.

Hi Sunny, fair observation. A direct print might come in handy. Having said that it would need UI and UX level changes to add the button. Guess the current practice of using share and then print follows the regular norm that other apps also use

Dear Sir,
If you have enabled Email Communications, you should receive payment receipts in your email inbox. To access this option, please follow these steps: go to Home > Three lines on left > App Settings > Notifications and Email. Once you have received the receipt in your email, you can easily print it by clicking on the printer icon (I am not very familiar with wireless/phone-connected printers and all, I usually do these steps for printing ).

Payment receipt should also be provided in PDF format after transaction. Currently we have to print jpg or print after converting jpg to PDF. After the transaction, there should be two options to share it, one to download PDF and the other existing option to share it as jpg.

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A print option in pdf would definitely help. Maybe a even a quick ledger of past 10 payments made to a certain person. Thinking zoho and the ease of sharing payment details and ledger, so that you dont have to scrap through statements.


Do other websites/services prefer PDF over JPEG?
Let us know the use cases for why you’d like to have print option in other formats. This helps us understand the need.


Helps keep records instantly for those who like to file important payments.


Easy to share details for records of payments to vendors/staff.


Non-editable. Easy print format. However, JPG works fine aswell, barring resolution issues while printing maybe.