Digital receipts (Debit card)

Store and access digital receipts for purchases made with the debit card directly within the mobile banking app, making it easy to track and manage expenses.

1 Automatic Receipt Capture:

When a user makes a purchase using their debit card, the mobile banking app can automatically capture and retrieve relevant transaction details.

2 Receipt Storage : The app securely stores the digital receipt within the user’s account, associating it with the corresponding transaction.

3 Transaction Details : The digital receipt provides a comprehensive overview of the transaction.

*Including the merchant name, transaction date and time, location, items purchased, and the total amount.

4 Instant access : Users can conveniently view and access their digital receipts directly within the mobile banking app.

5 Receipt Sharing : Users can share digital receipts with others.

Digital receipts are stored securely within the mobile banking app. The receipt can be accessed at any time from the transaction history or a dedicated receipt section in the app.