Debit card transactions

As per the RBI guidelines banks are charging on debit card withdrawals post the threshold limit of transactions. It is really hard to remember the no. of transactions that were made in a current month (home bank ATM and non home bank ATM withdrawals). I believe if we have the status be displayed in app (how many withdrawals done in the current month) seperately rather checking the statement.

Apologies if this is not much useful.

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That’s a really cool feature. It’s smart. But I’ve never seen any bank with such feature. Minute details make the big picture. Neobanks should stand unique. Nice one.

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I don’t think this would be a great feature since all of us who have a neo saving account also has a primary saving account in a traditional Bank.

And most of them provide cardless cash withdrawal facility which has no limits and no charges too.

This encourage users to go digital rather than using debit cards for cash withdrawals.

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