I believe it will be better if you add Pots icon in place of Loans at homepage since having 2 Loan icons (1 at bottom and 1 below credit card) doesn’t really mean much to those who don’t want it in the 1st place and it just create a bad impression on the UI.


But I find current layout much better. There is separate sections for Home, Transfer, Investment and Loan makes it convenient. Pots are part of investment right?

You yourself don’t know. Pots is in money section in cashflow and not in investment one.
Just as you said Loan already has an icon at bottom so it really is not a good decision to put loans below credit card also.

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My bad. You are right that pots are in Money section not under investment. But still I prefer this layout more. :thinking: I’ve never used pots. Is it like Flexible FD?

you can think of it like a recurring deposit. I use pots that is why its hard to navigate.

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I also use pots, and they’re difficult to find in the app. I always have to search for them, which takes too much time.

Pots is the key selling feature for me to use Jupiter. The old UI had dedicated icon and was easier to navigate. I use the POTS more like a temporary organised micro accounts so that it would be easy for me to know where I need how much money. Also. If ihey could bring a feature to directly pay from pots it would be more convenient. @Shawnpinto