Too much friction for using Pots

This is my mental model:

  • I have one pot per “purpose”
  • There is a bunch of money that is not kept aside for any purpose. That stays in my main account.

Moving money between pots and the main account is one of the most basic things a customer does with their pot. There is not much else to do with pots anyway! But every time moving money between pots requires entering the PIN. And then withdrawal from pots require answering a survey — can I please completely opt out of this survey? (Or better yet, kill the survey for everyone.)

Why? Why make it so hard to move money within my own account?

The only reason I use Jupiter is because I want to use pots. But it’s a hassle every time I need to do anything in the Jupiter app because of this.

The Pots UI is also very rudimentary. You cannot change pot names. You cannot reorder pots. There are barely 2 or 3 pots shown in the UI at any time. Finding the pot I want to use requires multiple taps and scrolling.

Non-stop promotion for setting up habits is another unwanted annoyance. I get it; habits are awesome. But I cannot use them for some pots. Don’t keep promoting it ALL the time, especially when I am already using habits for some of my pots.

It’ll be great if some (or all) of these issues could be addressed.

Thank you!


Welcome to the community @manki

You can expect the renaming and rearranging pots feature soon…

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The PIN is asked every time you add money is because pots are kept in a separate account, this account is also under your name. So moving money in and out of two accounts will require authentication.

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because pots are kept in a separate account

Sure, but that’s an implementation detail that a typical customer doesn’t care about, correct?

Put another way, does a customer really think they have two bank accounts? Either they think they have one bank account and N number of pots. Or, they may think they have N+1 pots if they consider each pot to be an account of its own.

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Well, I am not opposing your suggestions, and you are correct the end user doesn’t care about the implementation. Its just a reasoning (to my knowledge) for the MPIN concerns. It could change in future though.

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One issue that I face with Super Pots is the nominee. I enter the same assignee every time. Is there a way to auto-fill the assignee? It’s a minor grievance, but a grievance none the less.

Renaming pots and re-order is a welcome addition. Looking forward to that rollout.