Phone number change

Hi team,

Can we have a quick way to Change the phone number on the app please. I think this should be pretty simple and easy instead of wondering when it will be available on the app.

Been waiting for awhile to update my phone number


Yeah, about time. Some features need to be prioritised over others. It’d be cool if an upcoming features timeline is introduced and shared with the community.


They have the timeline on trello


Yes. Phone number change and communication address change is a must features

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Yeah, Trello exists. But it’s super vague to start with. In build-mode is all what we know. At least, a more precise TL if made available to the community members/ beta users would be cool.

And, with some basic features still missing, I find it hard to invite my friends to the camp.


I agree… Maybe they are taking time to eliminate much bugs as possible


@Shawnpinto please share an update did reach out to you a few months ago on the same concern

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@here The mobile number change feature will take us some time. We are aiming to push it out in a couple of weeks (TBD).
The community will be notified in advance :slight_smile:


:eyes: woah, all eyes for it

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A couple of weeks? That’s no time at all! We absolutely can wait. :smile:

@Shawnpinto also when’s the integration with WhatsApp happening??

Heyo @Kesj :hyper_wave:
It is live! We currently use the WhatsApp platform for sending reminders/nudges.

Also, this is in the pipeline - Get the Account balance/rewards earned at the end of the month.
Can you let us know what other details you’d like to see? Check this out too - Monthly summary of Jupiter account on WhatsApp

@Shawnpinto I am still not getting any WhatsApp reminders :pensive:

Same here. Nothing till date. WhatsApp notifications are not working :roll_eyes:

Same just checked no WhatsApp notifications at all


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