Now we need to maintain MAB to get 1% rewards

The current system of maintaining an average of 10k is excessive. For me it’s maintaining 30k+ till 30 September, I mean I am not a businessman who needs to keep or who has that amount to keep in an account which is primarily used for daily expenses. The model need to change to a more better solution, the MAB seems flawed from my perspective. Also the amount keeps increasing day by day if not being able to maintain the required amount just like a trap.


Yup, that is something I can get onboard with without any hesitation.

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@alok why we should use jupiter account if we have to maintain 10k we will go for hdfc or idfc they give more value for money i dont think i will keep my jupiter account infuture because they are not giving the service that they used to offer

  1. 1% reward on every transaction (debit card) without maintaining any amount.
  2. Earn upto 150 if you pay for any subscription.
  3. 600 jewels on pro salary.
  4. Free debit card and free issuance of new debit card.
    These are the features we will miss.
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Is anyone here is alive?

Is the pot integration to MAB available yet?

No not yet they are just making foul out of us

@here It’s live :slight_smile:
MAB includes pot balance.


Hi @Shawnpinto , i m on latest version of the app but still it asking to maintain 10 k MAB balance, though i have more than 10k combined pot and account balance. Also i see option to upgrade to pro by maintaining 10k MAB , but it’s asking to add more money to upgrade even though i have pot balance+account balance combined greater than required MAB of 10k, can you check once

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Hey @Akash1 could you let us know which screen were you referring to in the app? We’ll check.

I am referring to pro segment tab which i reckon is newly introduced

@Shawnpinto bro can u guys think about students too 10k is too high for us i can maintain only 5k

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Honestly to gamify savings by shifting money in smaller chunks is a good idea. PPL will build on good saving habits. What I find misleading is not even a month after joining these changes are kicking in. (Maintain MAB, if not loose out on jewls,1%cashback etc.) So either i joined late and missed on the earlier frills bandwagon or the team at Jupiter is just too confident to think they have a brand loyalty at this early stage itself that they can start nudging these changes. I can bet going forward, the wordings in the app would change over time to say it’s a regulatory requirement from the regulator now to maintain MAB :man_shrugging:t2:. I mean ask yourself whats even your USP now? Seriously I want to understand because this 1% cashback was an introductory offer only for the first 3 months after joining was not something I was aware of until I read the posts here.
Point being lots of hidden caveat coming from a "New"Bank.

Also I notice UPI is not working in your app. Not like a payment being declined but the “Transfer” tab doesnt load only. Wondering if it’s a tech issue or we need to maintain MAB to use UPI??


@Shawnpinto @Jiten

Not working for me since sometime. I have more than 10k in my main account and in pots more than 10k separately. First of all pots balance doesn’t seem to be counted plus even after maintaining MAB in the main account I am not getting jewels on purchases. What is this?

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@cric_freak Ideally Pots balance is supposed to be counted. We’ll check this.
I think Akash too faced something similar.

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Is this behaviour normal, or is it a bug?

Main a/c - 1.7k
Pots - 36.8k

Still recommends me to add 5.6k more to the main account. Am I missing something?


Yes parkar, this is the same issue i am facing, i think Shawn is already cheking with the team.

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I have lost jewels yesterday due to this even though the MAB has been maintained. Albeit i joined Jupiter for the idea, now i am really questioning is it even worth keeping 10kMAB because it’s absurdly high considering banks like Hdfc allow to keep 5000 balance and you have more offers and lesser downtime. Feeling very let down.

Hello !
Few pointers on MAB. MAB is Monthly Average Balance. For users who maintain a Monthly Average Balance of above 10k , we upgrade the users to Pro and they get 1% rewards on DC Spends & Select UPI Merchants.

This is not minimum balance nor current account balance. It is averaged out over a month, so you might have >10k current balance but your monthly average balance may be <10k.

We are still a zero balance account. The 1% rewards are now a welcome 3 month offer and then extended to Pro Users (either through 10K MAB or Salary Account holders).

This is an effort to grow in a sustainable way forward, while continuing to create value for our users.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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