No option to customize name on Debit Card

I just want to keep my first and last name on debit card. But there’s no option to do the same. Debit card which I have received has my full name.

I blocked the card and requested for new virtual card and tried to request physical debit card still there’s no option to customize the name.

@Shawnpinto name customize option must be available it’s a good idea :bulb:

Hope available in future:)

@dmyadav @CarolinMerces It’s not possible to change your debit card name in the app at the moment.

You can get a customised name on yout physical debit card by contacting our customer support. A new card will be made with the desired name.

I’m sorry but we are asking for name customize in Debit Card not App.

Okay I’ll contact your customer support team.

@CarolinMerces This is possible to do so, but not as of now. This feature for changing your physical card name is still in the works.

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Okay we want name customize on Physical Card and that’s good :slightly_smiling_face:

For custom name debit card of Jupiter should we pay extra as I have already got my first debit card from Jupiter??