Need urgent help

I created a pots account a few days back just to try it out and had transferred some money to it using phonepe by adding the pots account number, but I did not receive the money in it. I did not bother at that time since it was just 1 rupee transaction and later deleted the pot. Today by mistake I transferred 5000 to the pots account from phone (i thought it was an actual Jupiter account) and I did not receive money in Jupiter since I deleted the pots earlier. I realized my mistake and created the same pot again. I can see it is showing pot balance 5000 but again a different page it is showing 0. donโ€™t know how to get my money back.

Admins, Please help

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This is a serious bug. Please look into it

Hi Ranjan DMing you for more details

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First you link the pots federal account with upi in phone pe or Gpay . Then the upi pin for pots accounts will be same as main account . Now transfer the money from pots account via upi in phone pe to your main account .

I have reported this bug 2weeks ago . But still they are saying we are working in it .