Need information about account types!

What are the various account types available with Jupiter ? Like in Fi we have Plus,Infinite and Salary accounts with different MABs and features. I cannot find such information about Jupiter anywhere ? I know Jupiter has a salary account. I am getting an option for Pro account if I do 10k worth FD. What is this account type ? Where can I get all the information about the features ?

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I think at present there are 3 Types of Jupiter Accounts:

  • Normal
  • Pro (with 10K monthly balance)
  • Salary (for 25k salary)

Pro Account lies in between the normal savings account and salary account. It has some additional benefits compared to normal account such as 1% cashback, 1% jewels etc. You can see all the features of Pro Account by clicking the ‘Pro’ Button shown on the bottom right of your Jupiter App’s Home screen.


@razack Thanks!

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Thank you Abdul for sharing this.

For salary accounts, if the HR of the company is able to negotiate a deal, one can get salary account for less than 25K as well. But for a normal user, 25k is the threshold.