Salary account benefits as a student user

Today I received a notification
“set up auto-transfer to get salary account benefits as a stude user”
What is this about?

Hey @G_V Welcome to the community :wave:

This is an upcoming feature in Jupiter app that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a salary account as a student or regular user. By easily setting up an auto-transfer of a specific amount into your account every month. By upgrading to salary account you can enjoy the perks and advantages of a salary account.


It’s a new feature offer by Jupiter,
It’s giving you same benefits like a salary account holder received.
But you don’t need a job for this , you just need a regular income or transfer source like salary people, if salary people received every month 25k salary, same thing u need for receiving same benefits.

You can set auto transfer from your other account or your parents account ,same ammount every month need to transfer your Jupiter account.

What is even the benefit of the salary account over the pro account?


Here it is…
You can view the updated/latest benefits by going to
Pro Tab at the bottom right of the home screen>scroll down>Upgrade to salary Account> View all benefits
Homepage> click ‘Upgrade now’ shown near the Savings Account> View all benefits

Well, I saw them and found out that the salary account is just a gimmick and it don’t even have one thing more valuable over the pro account.

Don’t you think features like Health insurance and zero Forex Fee, valuable over the pro account? I am leaving the on demand salary feature, since you are not interested in loans. :sweat_smile:
Pro account too have zero forex fee feature, there is some limit like 25000.

3 extra things
1 . On demand salary
2 . Free health insurance top-up
3 . Extra Forex Makeup ( pro gives you upto 25k per month, salary gives you upto 1 lac . )

On demand salary not good for your credit score health, it’s showing as personal loan and damage your score :expressionless:

  1. I don’t want loan.
  2. Hmm… What are the term and conditions of it. I didn’t found it anywhere. What is the top up. Does it mean if I can take it only when I already when I have a health insurance?
  3. I’m not able to even use the 25000.

So, the only that could come up is the health insurance if it have not have too many conditions.

Yes , you need already a active health insurance , it’s just add extra benifit or cover or add on by your choice… Maybe they add extra 2k on behalf you. ( Annually)

Then it’s a scam too because I don’t have a health insurance. And anyone can give a top up. I have called it scam as they make it look like a new health insurance.

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Once again, you are making allegations based on certain assumptions or speculations. As I mentioned before, if you are not interested in a product, simply ignore it. No one is compelling you to opt for a specific product or feature; the choice is entirely up to you.

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@Abhinav_Goyal Please share the Banks which are offering health insurance on salary accounts.
Also, please get an health insurance anyway…you never know when it might come handy…


Yes, my father have a health insurance for the 5 lakh rupees and he pays a 12 thousand premium. So, I should have misread that some bank provide the health for the salary account. Because I do understand that the health insurance can’t be provided for free.

Thank you for your response.

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But still I can conclude that the salary account don’t have a significant advantage over the pro account at least for a student.

Good for you.

Health insurance too much expensive, no bank can offer it’s free even Jupiter can’t.

If any company gives free, it’s not actually working :rofl: because lowest plans for health not covered all major illness.

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Ya, it might be possible if a account have a minimum balance requirement of at least 10lakhs.

Our State govt also offering free health insurance ( Swasha Sathi) for all in one family upto 5 lac per annum. ( I’m from West Bengal)

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