Need app notification/ SMS on refund transactions


I have couple of refunds from IRCTC and I didn’t get SMS or app notifications on the amount that is credited. Transactions are done using UPI

Please send an SMS or have app notification whenever there is a credit for refund transactions similar to how u do for debits.

Since the transactions are done long back, I don’t remember from which bank account I did the transactions, so have to check my bank accounts to see if I got the refund and found the refunds in Jupiter. If you could have some notification, it would have been helpful.

Also, most UPI apps like PhonePe have notifications for any credits to their UPI ID. So, you should also have some notifications in place even if Jupiter account is not used, but Jupiter UPI ID is used.

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Right seperate section for refunds . And transaction need sub menu that shows this payment is refunded. By auto detect the transaction id .

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