Need a change 🚸🚨🚨

Now the reward for voucher is totally waste ,

For salary account holder the rewards for voucher were like 50x, 30x for some brands .

Today morning all the the above reward structure is reduced to 5x, 3x.

@Jiten , what’s this, your experience for banking and reward is getting worst each day.

Please stick on with your promises as the trust is key for all.

Kindly notify for any changes you are getting into the system.

As having an interactive community is helpful for business.

Kindly provide a better experience for the user.

Feedback & Ideas Help General



This was bound to happen. Nothing lasts forever.

Jupiter is going from growth stage to profitability stage. So they will cut the losses and expenses.

It started with Debit card charges. Now this…

Also this…

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Is our money safe ???

Means? in the event of closing down?
Yes, its absolutely safe since its insured with RBI

The thing is Jupiter doesn’t handle our money. Federal Bank does and Federal Bank is regulated by RBI and hence your money upto Rs.5 lakhs (including savings, fixed deposits, Pots, Super Pots, recurring deposits, etc) is insured by DICGC.

Need emi on edge rupay card or is there any way we can convert transactions to emi ??

plzzzz help existing card holder from jupiter

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…cut Jupiter some slack dude. It’s already giving so much to users.

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