My account blocked or frozen

My account blocked or frozen
I don’t send money any one but i received what i do know

@Roshan check this. Something we were talking here


@Nitai if you’re still receiving money, it’s just on hold . You’ve to verify through PAN ( as per my knowledge, however wait for their response).

@Aswin_Benny brother really no bank sends any mails or sms before freezing/holding/blocking. They may send afterwards.
However some notifications/SMS/mail may arrive about suspicious login/activity.

Banks need to work on it.


Unfreeze Account
Hey. Here’s my Jupiter(Federal) account details:
Name: Shadab Salim Shaikh
Account Number: 77770114958362
IFSC Code: FDRL0007777
UPI handle: 7410150193@jupiteraxis

Hey @Shadab_Shaikh

I understand your concern. I’ll connect with you via DM for further assistance.

When I Get My Account De Freeze

Hey @Shadab_Shaikh

I have shared an update with you via DM. Thank you!

My name is Akash Babasaheb Shere

Kindly unfreeze my account so that I can continuously transact with the same.

Hey @Akash_Shere

Thank you for dropping an email to the concerned team. Our team shall revert to you with an update.

Appreciate your kind patience in the interim.

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When they will reply me because I was email them yesterday and still I have not Received any update…?

And when my account will be unblock…???

Don’t worry! We have informed our concerned team to address your concern.

@Bridget_Sabu … I already dropped email to your team before 2 day’s ago, but I can’t get any reply from your team​:angry: and you people also removed live chat option from the application and also you freeze my money :rage::rage: without any reason why are you freezing people’s account :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Give my money back instantly…!
One of the worst experience ever with you :pray::triumph:

Apologies for the delay. Please be assured that your money is safe. Our concerned team is investigating your matter.

We appreciate your kind patience in the interim.

@Bridget_Sabu almost 4 days completed but my account is not unblocked yet… You said that it will be unblock by today but still not activated.
So kindly please unblock my account… :triumph:

Hey @Akash_Shere

I have shared an update via DM. Kindly connect to our concerned team for further assistance.

Thank you!

My account has been frozen due to no reason. Kindly unblock my account and let me regularly transact the same.

Hello ,
I have done my kyc and I deposited 21000 on account but it’s still frozen I can’t do any transaction.plz help .