Multi device support

  • The idea is to have the same Jupiter Account in 2 or more devices
  • Many users now a days use 2 mobile devices
  • Payments / purchases can be done from multiple mobile devices
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Banking applications will not work like that

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Considering Jupiter works as a neo-bank on top of a Banking institution isn’t there a possibility of achieving this?
With paytm I can do the same. The amount that it has in its wallet can be used via multiple phones.

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@subzero Paytm should be able to do this because it’s more like a aggregator app.
Mainly used for UPI, linking other bank accounts, etc.

It does not need mobile verification during onboarding at first. An OTP is required though.
For enhanced security, it’s best if the SIM card is inside your phone while you use these services.


You can’t use paytm in multiple device because their system detect if sim is present or not if not you can’t login!

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I am currently using paytm on multiple devices. Wallet works on both the devices but if you want to perform bank account transaction then you need the device with the primary sim card which is connected to the bank account.

In a nutshell paytm wallet works. Payments that are done through PayTM QR works but nothing else.

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