Adding Multiple UPI ids

Jupiter assigns the same UPI id to two different bank accounts. This is troublesome when I use the two accounts actively.

For example, If I make my investment payments from xyz bank and daily expenses from Jupiter on a regular basis, it is not possible to pay from within Jupiter. I will have to go and set the other account as primary each time. (on a payment portal where i have to enter my upi id)

In Gpay, this is avoided because each account has a different UPI id. It not only makes it easy to make payments but also easier to understand the process.

Having separate UPI ids can easily solve this issue.

Also, the number-based UPI id is a privacy concern.


You can select the debit account every time you make a transaction. When you receive money, you can receive money from the UPI ID of Google Pay or PhonePe for your xyz bank. Or you can make xyz bank account primary in your xyz bank’s UPI app.There are multiple UPI handles in which you can use different UPI ID to receive money in each account.

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What you say is valid. But in my case, I don’t want to use any other UPI apps and services just one single app for banking and payments. I am more concerned about my financial information lying with numerous companies. So instead of hopping from app to app, having multiple UPI iDs within Jupiter will be far better.

I don’t know what happens when I am paying on Amazon, using my UPI Id, will I get an option to pay using my other bank account (non-primary) within Jupiter?

Yes you can pay from non primary account also while paying through Jupiter app.
There is no option to edit UPI ID in Jupiter yet. Setting up a separate UPI for each account is a long way off. Setting up a separate UPI for a separate account is only available in several UPI apps such as PhonePe, Google Pay, Bhim AU, bhim esaf UPI, bhim kvb upay, bhim uco upi etc. In Paytm also you can keep only one account as primary, in Amazon you can add only one account. In both of these you cannot edit UPI ID. The convenience of creating custom UPI IDs and creating separate upi IDs for each account is a great thing. The option to edit the UPI ID is probably in the works. @shawnpinto Would be great if the option to set a different UPI ID for each account to receive money is included.
@gauravsk currently you can use the available options :-
you can use UPI ID of another bank’s own UPI app to receive money in other bank account.(In this case you don’t even need to worry about your financial information as your bank already has all your details) For example, if you have an SBI account, you can register UPI for your SBI account in SBI’s UPI app, whose UPI handle will be @sbi, After registering for UPI, you can uninstall that app, Your UPI ID will always be active and your bank account will also be the primary one to receive money on it.

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