May be something wrong

Money > Mutual Fund > Dashboard > (slide left) External Fund (Pop-up arrives). - Its normal.

External Fund > (slide Right) Via Jupiter (again popup arrives - which I think it should not arrive).

Not assured about is it bug or not. But i feel something wrong or kinda uncomfortable that Pop up arrives even when we slide right from “External fund” page.

I think you meant the liabilities tab. That’s where the loan tracker is.

And yes, if you click on it after opening the app - it shows a pop-up.
This pop-up basically refreshes the credit score on that page.

If you were to click on it loan tracker again, it won’t appear as it’s already refreshed.
However, if you kill the app and try again, it will appear since the credit score needs to be refreshed.

This is expected.

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Not in Liability Tab.

I mean in Assest Tab. Where we track Mutual fund.
And where Jupiter frequently showing “Fetch my Mutual Fund” Popup.

But when if we visit same Mutual fund page from
Home > Investment > See deatils> Mutual Fund > Dashboard. >slide right. (Popup not arrives)

Got it. Thought you meant something else, we’ll get this checked.
Thanks @Omkar18

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Hey, Sorry. nothing is wrong tgere

There was my foult.
Again sorry for that.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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