Mass blocking of foreigners (KYC prohibition)

Howdy folks!
I am a foreigner and I don’t have an Indian passport, but at the moment I am a tax resident of India and have been living here for a long time. I love India :heart:
Of course, I have PAN & AADHAAR cards.
I have already closed my Jupiter Bank account, but I have two questions left:

  1. After registering in the bank app, I was refused on video-KYC since I do not have an Indian passport. Jupiter’s support also did not give any clear comments on this new rule. I have several accounts in Indian banks. And to open a bank account, it was always enough to be a tax resident of the country, but something happened in Jupiter. :thinking:

  2. The accounts of my friends and their friends (about 6 people), who have opened their accounts much earlier than me, were blocked without explanation. They are also residents of India, pay taxes in India, and do not have an Indian passport - this is a consequence of the “new rules to the expense of foreigners”?

I don’t know what this is connected with, I have not seen any news from RBI or, moreover, from Jupiter, but the fact remains.

I’m just wondering what is happening with you? Such a cool bank, with the best at the moment UI/UX application in banking sector and introducing the segregation policy: Indian/Foreigner (friend/stranger), you lose a large layer of the target audience.

I just would like to get some kind of official comment on this subject. :broken_heart:

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Hey I’m sorry that happened to you and your friends.

I’m curious to see the official response to this is too.

Have you tried opening an account with Fi Money? Can you let us know if the same happens over there too.

Tons of love,
Desh ka ek Nagrik