Language flexibility

I believe that if there is a extra option of having to change the language settings in the app to the regional language it’ll have a better reach and even better loved. This will give a better experience for users who don’t know english. This can improve the chances for the bank and app to be loved by the users.


I agree with @Bhoomika_Gowda .

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to having Neo Banking .

Eventhough most apps have my regional language. I still stick to english because most of them have weird translations (words doesnt make any sense, translations feels like they used google translate for it, translation is out of context):smiling_face_with_tear:. Have a human with knowledge on that language to verify it also plz :no_mouth:.

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@Aswin_Benny .
Hope they won’t translate Jupiter as बृहस्पति [ Brihspati ] .
Banking Language is difficult to understand in any language if you’ll notice you’ll understand :sweat_smile:

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