What a bank would be if Apple inc had created it

I opened a current account so that I can escape SBI’s horrible irreponsive website, long queues and scam calls.

But even after I received several sms saying that my account is active. I cannot transact using internet banking service because the ICICI’s site says that it’s inactive, magic!

Actually, I don’t want to do banking at all. I hate banking.

I want an app, an app that’s simple, intuitive and works every single time. So, that I don’t have to visit a bank branch in my entire life.

And yeah it’s a safe app too.

If I am leaving country it works, Netflix actually accepts my payments and that there’s only one card that works as credit and a debit card.

If I wanna buy crypto no worries,
If I wanna keep multiple currencies no worries,
If I wanna leave this country no worries.

It has an api and one click integrations. It auto detect OTPs and the customer is likes of Stripe and Shopify.

And yeah, when they communicate something it actually happens, sorry ICICI.

I’d love to receive perks too(not notifications).

But all I really want is an intuitive, quick and a pretty app and a transaction system that just works.


Welcome Belal to the community!

How could you as an individual open a current account in the first place? and did current account services solve your problems with your savings account?

I’ve used bank account while travelling abroad, its more a problem about receiveing OTPs on international networks rather than about app functionality right?

Thanks Sneh for the reply.

I opened my current account using the ICICI bank’s website.
Did it solve my problems? No.

When I’m talking about the app, I want to convey that i want most of its services to be a click away that it actually works.

When I’m abroad, it’s about receiving OTP, low transaction, conversion and withdrawal charges and travel benefits.

If Apple Inc. were to create a bank account, each interaction with the user will be carefully designed. It’s the design that the apple is known for.

What I as a user aspire for:

  1. Onboarding - simple, fast, clean, carefully thought through each step
  2. Card - slick design, wow visuals, classic apple signature
  3. UPI / Bank transfer - transfer to other users on apple bank, no beneficiary adding
  4. Transaction list - neat merchant logos
  5. Spends visualisation - expect apple to do some basic, clean visuals on the spends (category wise)
  6. Investments - few options only, carefully picked ETFs, or expect a partnership here for crypto/share

Other non-intuitive stuff:

  1. Align incentives with users - enable users to pay on time, don’t cheat, subscription-based pricing rather than making money from me
  2. Support - world-class support 24*7 that is human or asynchronous support if not SOS
  3. Going one step beyond - like visuals on the card (colour on the card in-app changes in the real-time post each txn) - only apple does this kind of thing

Users expect simple things that solves for their problems, nothing more.

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@Belal_Noor When you are abroad, these would come unless the bank adopts technology of not sending SMS for OTP, checking something else for verifying you as a user. For charges I am not sure of how does it work.

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