Multi-language capability

Just wanted to know if Jupiter has any plans to launch the Jupiter app with multi-language capability - with languages using - Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, etc., in the mobile app, which would help even the under-served use the Jupiter platform to transact for their day to day transactions. (Hyper-personalization for each of the states in India through different languages) App can be in Telugu for people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh? App in Bengali for people of West Bengal? etc.?
Or is the Jupiter app just restricted to millennials only and just in English?


Hey Shivan, welcome to the community to answer that the first iteration of the app available to download publicly will have only English as its sole language :slight_smile:

Hi Sneh,
Thanks for the invite. Would like to use Jupiter.
However, sad now that there is no multi language capability feature available right now. That is a good way to reach a wide country, where people can speak and read their own mother tongue, while not English in instances.
It’s pretty sad that not many of the startup in Fintech space are working on this language capability feature. Would be more happiest if I see Jupiter with that :slight_smile:.

Anyway I hope my suggestion would be considered by your team in the future.