Jupiter Not Working

Recently since 29 Sep 23, Jupiter has suddenly stopped reading my all expenses and categorisation.
Since last 4-5 days I am unable to see any of my expenses/transactions getting read or categorised by Jupiter.

Could you please help. I have already done with uninstallation and installation. Also I am using lasted update application on Play Store.

Ref Ticket No : 2533338.

Welcome to the community @pkinare
I think the issue is for everyone and hope it gets solved soon.
You can check this thread for reference

@pkinare Thanks for this. It confirms that I am not the only one facing this.

Also thanks for generating the ticket. Since it’s for everyone, it should be sorted soon.

This makes me doubt whether the new app version is to be blamed? The Play Store says app last updated on 28th September 2023. :thinking:

Thank you for providing this information. I’ve disabled the auto-update option for the app, so I haven’t received the latest version.
Yes, can see that the most recent update was released on September 28, 2023.
Now, I’m in doubt whether I should proceed with the update or not. :laughing:

The one change that I notice is the app opens where you left it. So if you have left the app on community page, it opens up on the community page. For me it’s welcome change.

One change I would like in the money tab is the scrolling between Monthly and Networth. It feels a bit rough there.

Could you please check whether this occurs when you minimize the app and reopen it, or if it happens when you close and then reopen the app?
I checked the app both before and after updating(just now), but I didn’t encounter any issues. Even when I close the app on the community page and reopen it, I am still getting the usual home screen.

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@razack my bad… Sorry!

Guess my phone was keeping Jupiter in memory yesterday. Today I am not seeing the same behaviour.

I am also getting the home screen after app quits and minimises.

False alarm. :grimacing:

The Account Aggregation is working now. Please check.