Jupiter app not opening iOS

Jupiter app not opening on iOS especially for new users don’t know about existing customers. This start button is not working. Tried on iPhone 13, XR and 11 on different Wi-Fi and different mobile networks of Jio, Airtel and Vi. But it is not working at all. Fix it ASAP

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Hey @Aditya_Raj1 Was this a one time occurrence or are you able to click o the start button now?

No, i am not able to click start button. It’s been more than a month & it is not working yet

I reinstalled Jupiter and I can’t open the app start (get past the start button).

I have no idea what to do?

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The problem is app doesn’t asks for location access and it needs location access to open app. But even i don’t know how to fix this

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Same is happening with me i click on start button id loads for second then the same issue please fix this bug

I am also currently experiencing this issue in Iphone 13. Software version is iOS 16.0.3


  • the welcome screen is kind of freezed with sometimes a white screen or orange background with white jupiter text on it
  • sometimes this happens after entering the mpin sometimes this happens before