Introducing Big Bang Days 💥

Hi everyone! :wave:t4:

We’re back again with a new rewards campaign. It’s the Big Bang Days!:boom:

Since it’s the festive season, folks are planning and buying gifts for friends and family in advance. We’d like to give some extra gifts from our side :slight_smile:

So, what's Big Bang Days?

This is a campaign where you can win rewards every day! Starting today till 24th Dec, 2022.

Each day, there will be a different reward. The reward will be given to the top 10 spenders for that particular day.

Note: The same person will not be eligible for the next reward.

In total, there will be 5 winners and 5 rewards.
Reward list for this version:

  1. Dec 20th - Hyatt experience worth Rs. 15,000 :beach_umbrella:
  2. Dec 21st - Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic :watch:
  3. Dec 22nd - Bose Sports Earbuds :loud_sound:
  4. Dec 23rd - Amazon Gift Card worth Rs. 15,000 :gift:
  5. Dec 24th - MakeMyTrip Gift Card worth Rs. 15,000 :airplane:

Read in app T&C and rules for more information.

It’s a limited-time campaign. Big Bang Days would be back again during sale seasons, and special occasions. Now is your chance to make a big bang!

Improving campaigns

We’d like to hear your thoughts on how we can make our rewards campaign better.
Here’s what’s coming up for future campaigns.

  1. Adding a progress bar :bar_chart:
    The Nothing campaign for example had 4 rewards and folks had to reach a milestone with claim rewards.

Users may not know if their transactions are being considered for the milestone reward so @Satyajit_Singh suggested we add a progress bar. This bar shows the transactions you’ve done and how far it is from the cap.

  1. Selecting the rewards :gift:

We’d like to hear your wishlist! Based on suggestions, we will try to add the suggested rewards with the highest number of votes. (Likes)

Let us know in the comments below, which kind of reward you would like to see in campaigns.

  1. Gamified experience :video_game:

We’d like to have a gamified experience as you use Jupiter. Quest For Metal, and Savings Challenge are some of them. We’re all open ears when it comes to concepts and ideas to make more! Is anyone up for brainstorming?

  • Yes, Count me in!
  • Maybe later.

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People who say yes will be part of a call with team members and we’ll come up with a campaign together.

Can’t wait to hear your suggestions! :slight_smile:


Is this live ?
I don’t see this anywhere in app ?

Pata nahi Bhai! Kya masla hai

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