It's a bird..a's Nothing! 📱

Or is actually something? :thinking:

Puns aside, that’s right folks. Nothing is on Jupiter.
Just had to slide in that one more pun.


It’s our latest rewards campaign! Check it out on the app :calling:


Are You Excited for new challenges…


I have transacted of Rs. 10,000 in Amazon on 16th November at 8:53 PM but i can’t see if the transaction is counted for the offer or not

Because there is no option for going deep into the offer section like QMP

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@Satyajit_Singh All transactions are eligible.
Excluding ATM and wallets.

Agreed, there’s no specific page to show whether it is counted or not. But if the transaction was over X amount, it would show up on the transaction history anyway. Consider it counted.

You gave us an idea :bulb:
We’ll be adding a section where you can see the progress of spends getting accumulated. Similar to the circular progress bar in the rewards tab.

We’ll use this for future campaigns. :blob_thanks:

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where are the results dear ser

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Nice to see a bank will heard its customer seriously.
Great to be a part of Jupiter Community.

When will i get my Nothing 1 Phone?

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