In-App Marketplace for Finance Widgets

An universal (banking) platform should have a holistic and seamless experience.
Since Jupiter is co-created and it may not make best in class apps for everything by itself. How about if we could have an In-App Widgets market of various applications (APIs) related to banking and personal finance.

For example,
A dashboard that could just fetch the expense highlights from my expense manager app, my networth figure from INDwealth, my subscription manager highlights (Netflix, OTTs, newsletters etc), my investment highlights from Zerodha, GoldenPi etc.
Of course, there has to be a strict quality check for widegets (APIs) to get listed on the marketplace.

I, as an user would enjoy the holistic view of all my finances at one place and I’m also letting my bank to have a look at it and also act as an LSP (Loan Service Provider).

This is making Jupiter a finance aggregator!
A separate marketplace would also keep the app look uncluttered from overwhelming number of features despite having all those features available for users.


Interesting take, I know of Starling who has pulled a marketplace model most of its customers really like.

As you mentioned this also keeps APIs at the centre and uses Open Banking Protocol in the UK. Marketplaces definitely enable the user to get the best of what they choose.

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Now, even Zoom has come-up with its marketplace - …interesting development

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Yes. Zoom marketplace is much anticipated.

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It will be a difficult task to create a marketplace from Scratch (classic chicken and egg problem, tough to attract users without apps and even tougher to attract developers if we don’t have users). Instead, majority of the Core banking service providers have created their own Appstores/Marketplaces. TCS BaNCS has CUBO, Temenos has its own marketplace - it can be one of the ways to bring in that marketplace feature. One major challenge in that approach is Jupiter uses core banking services of a partner bank - so you need to check compatibility


i) credit card highlights from cred, ii) my cibil score

:+1: except you can’t show CIBIL on a continuous basis. Every time you inquire your CIBIL score, you lose some points.

Interesting when you say this! what are the things everyone on this thread would want to check/ monitor frequently as to have a dashboard/ widget view.

For me it has to be:

  1. Calendar view of upcoming recurring transaction
  2. Widget for Balance check
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  1. Networth figure
  2. Cash-in-hand / 3 months liquidity
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Do you use finance widgets on your phone? (Eg: PhonePe’s pay in a single button)
  • Yes
  • No
  • Heard of it now

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