Improved debit card

What does “Improved debit card kit” maen?

Maybe Upgrading debit card, where u see this?

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I think its the wrapper and packaging that comes with physical debit card.
Very early on like in 2021 the box packet was squared and had glossy stickers.
Then in 2022 I think they sent the debit card in normal postcard with matte stickers.


Expected that they will improve loyalty rewards or more benefits :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

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I also received in a big box with sticker and a card holder.

You ordered it after 31st Jan right?

No I’m too old user, maybe 2 years

Check it correctly it says Improved debit card kit not debit card


@Abhishek_Ulayil You got it right.
It’s our Debit Card Kit. Or some would say, packaging.

You’re not far from there. This too is being considered.
I believe we have started planning for it already.


This is the debit card kit when I got it in 2021 ( during that time there was some waitlist and referral scheme going but somehow I was able to skip and sign up)

Later on in 2022 the kit was reduced, but had good stickers.

I don’t have images of current ones

1st one was looks Premium🔥

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I had new one, but didn’t take photos at that moment. Beleive me, old one is cooler than the new one.


Rectified, thank you.

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I received 1st one in e box :gift::sweat_smile:

Older one sticker was made by paper with thik plastic lamination.

This one is made by paper.

This one is made by plastic ( ignore fi sticker :sweat_smile: because i don’t have new Jupiter sticker)

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