I'm facing issues while completing my vkyc

@Kunalmore report this error via email to the support team - support@jupiter.money. Include the registered email and phone number in your email.

Hello Kunal,

We hear your concern. We are connecting with you via DM to have this addressed for you. Thank you.

I did all the things that customer have to do. But your support team does not cooperate the customer and not the vkyc agent all are rediculus.

Hey Kunal,

We acknowledge your concern. We have addressed your query through direct message (DM). Kindly respond to the same for further discussion.

Thank you.

Hello I had done my vkyc on Monday but a day later means on Tuesday they Frozen my account even I had completed my vkyc. I had mailed to cybercrime@jupiter.money and after that they are saying "Your account has been Credit frozen due to deficiency observed during your video KYC process. The account shall not be unfrozen due to this deficiency. In case you wish to close your account, Please write to us at Cybercare@jupiter.money ". So what can I do for unfrozen my account. Please help me regarding to this.

@Kunalmore if there are issues sighted with your VKYC, as of now the only option would be to reach the support team to understand what went wrong. Having said that, it is recommended that you seek a final confirmation from the support if there is any possibility of reviving your account