Idea's For Jupiter Money

Hey Team Jupiter,

Adil this side I’m requesting you introduce a feature to clear or delete chat history and clear recently paid icon history overall please introduce clear history option it will be helpful and also please also introduce your credit card :credit_card: soon

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@Adil_Ahmed Hey :hyper_wave:

Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:
Could you let us know why you want to delete your chat history? I’m assuming this is your in-app chat with our support team.

I would also want to understand why you would like to clear your recent transactions.

And for the Credit Card… well, there’s gonna be a surprise in a few months :slight_smile:

Let me know your use cases, thanks!

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Hey Shawn,

I’m suffering from major critical ocd and i hate things that irritate me and i used you’re chat built-in chat support it was good but know when ever I saw that chat it irritate me and for that i have used my kotak account for a month or two then i stop using it and please introduce a option to remove the recently paid person icon cause if i make a upi payment to anyone whome i would pay never again then the started disturbing me all day i just want a feature where I can manage how i wanted to manage my home screen and please please i request you to introduce clear history option as soon as possible please :pleading_face::sob: i’m always think about this while sleeping every day and my board exam is going to happen next month please introduce this clear history option :pleading_face:

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Hold up, you still haven’t explained why you exactly wanted to delete the chat history :thinking:

Now I’m curious @Adil_Ahmed
What had happened? If it’s personal, you can share it with me privately on DM’s. :mailbox:

Hey Shawn,

The reason why I wanted to delete my chat and recently paid cause it disturbing my mind i have told you that i’m suffering from major critical ocd and this is why I wanted to delete my chat history and recently paid

It may appear to be a personal issue for you, it’s important to consider the impact it may have on other users as well.

Hey man i don’t wanna to be rude but I think there are lot of people who suffer from ocd and anxiety and can’t to anything about it and sometimes people like us find happiness in remove some kind of unwanted clutter and this feature would for them if you think this is personal the. Why should I would be on that platform where company staff think that coustomer is demanding something personal then we should not give him man I’m not asking for this feature cause I want although I want this feature but you would help a lot of people who are unable to reach out

I understand your perspective. Your point about decluttering and organizing as a way to improve mood and well-being is valid. However, it’s important to recognize that not everyone has the same experiences or preferences, and what works for one person may not work for another. And if someone finds this feature helpful, then it’s a valuable addition to the platform.

Thanks a lot for understanding my point of view i wait for you to introduce this feature as soon as possible it a request form my heart i wanted to be on Jupiter for the reason that the staff of the company listen to the perspectives of the general customer/audience