I have an issue with name

The problem is the format of the name
Its :
Ulayil Abhishek Manoj which was picked from aadhar.

I had issues due to this format of name and I had contacted jupiter support last year in june regarding change of name. They said there was supposed to be an software update which will enable changing or updating name. So I updated my aadhar card details last year and kind of left it as is.

But now I don’t know what to do with the name which shows up on jupiter, and considering metal card , credit card are going to be offered. I want get my name corrected.
What should I do about it and will it affect any of my investments or physical debit card. Is it possible that I do this just before the issuance of metal debit card(if and when it happens) so I directly upgrade to it and don’t have to get another space fire debit card in the mean time.
I am not in a hurry to do that I just want to know how it works and what will happen to the physical debit card.
Thanks in advance :blob_thanks:


Hey Abhishek!

We do understand your concern. Currently, we do not have the option to update the name via the app. However, we are getting your request to have your name updated on the debit card checked with our concerned team.

I’ll connect with you via DM regarding the same.


Today my name was corrected magically :magic_wand: .
Thanks Jupiter :rocket:

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