Option to edit mothers maiden name

Hi i recently created a jupiter account fpr my boyfriend and we entered only the surname of mother in the mothers maiden name option . Please provide an option to edit to complete the e-kyc

Hello, @kabanee_Rajeev welcome to the community :wave:

I’m uncertain if there is an available option within the app for this particular task. However, I recommend reaching out to support by sending an email to support@jupiter.money or by calling helpline at 08655055086 (available 9am - 9pm) for assistance.

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Hai @kabanee_Rajeev Welcome to the community. I don’t think it’s a major issue, if you have entered the father’s name correctly, the account could be created successfully. The communication address on the app is going to be the same as aadhaar.

If you have not completed the e-kyc, and still you are uncertain whether to proceed further, I suggest emailing your issue to support@jupiter.money or by contacting customer care at 08655055086 (available from 9 am to 9 pm).

Edit: @saurabh.s I completely missed your post, Thanks for the timely assistance and sorry for repeating the same support mail and customer care number :+1:


Hi @kabanee_Rajeev
Did your issue got resolved? I am also facing same issue. Jupiter CSB team in mail just states to retry Video KYC and video KYC executive states they cannot do anything until the details are correct.

Hi @razack @saurabh.s

This seems to be a major as I also faced same issue. The first video KYC executive asked me to contact Jupiter support at 8655055086 who then asked me to mail edge-csb-support@jupiter.money who just told me to retry Video KYC and they don’t have option to edit the mother’s name. I just retried another video KYC where executive said we cannot continue without details being matched. I also informed him that Jupiter support team is stating they do not have option to update the details. Seems like I faced a dead end because of this. I have 4 different credit cards of another banks and did not face such issue with either of them.