I am not able to open my jupiter

From today as soon as i open my app, i can see a white screen and it says malware detected but i scanned the entire phone i could find anything miscellaneous can somebody please tell how can i resolve this issue.

Hey @ayush_gupta

That shouldn’t have happened. I’ll connect with you via DM to get your issue sorted.

Thanks for the concern, the issue is sorted, there was really a malware in my phone so all thanks to the great algorithm you created.

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It’s our pleasure. Glad to know that it’s working fine now :tick:

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do Jupiter detect malware in the mobile, if present, & mentions it?
Its really great if it does!


That would be really strange if they do.


Mera already security guard laga rakha hai

3 month ka plan liya hu bhai aur 2.64% battery khati hai bs

Android problems. :joy: