Malware detected error

I could see many people calling out on twitter that they have ‘malware detected’ error on their phones. Jupiter is a banking app and they cant open it :roll_eyes:.

I think jupiter is try to detect certain package names of apps in the phone, if it is found then shows this error. On such package i found was com.applisto.appcloneR.

Instead of checking for such apps (these apps are useful for different situation, above app was an app cloner), I think jupiter should check if its sign is changed (I am not sure what sign check is called in technical language :sweat_smile:.By the term signing the app, I meant that sign done by developer after making that apk, that sign is unique right? I have seen apps using that sign check security feature)

Are you saying Jupiter should check the sign of Jupiter app and allow it to work if it’s sign isn’t changed ? is that right ?

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Yes. And dont check for other apps in my device. Current malware jupiter detects is a good app cloner

Isn’t it a good idea to identify malware before it harms you ? May be the app which Jupiter is identifying as malware isn’t really a malware but I guess idea is spot on.