App is not opening

when i try to open the app it says “blacklisted apps detected” and asked me to uninstall an app called adcontrol-ad1. I searched for the app and i am not able to find any app with that name and now I’m not able to open my jupiter app too. can someone help me to find a solution!!

@Shamsu_Deen Do you have any ad blockers installed? Or do you have any VPN/DNS setup? Or do you have a rooted device?

Try to uninstall/disable those and try to open the app again.

Also, do send a mail to They may be able to give you a solution.

See if this app is installed or not? Remove it if installed

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no, i didn’t install such apps.

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blacklisted apps :scream:

Hey, I am facing the same issue and the customer support is not helping at all
Were you able to resolve this issue?

Hello Poojangi,

We hear your concern. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. We are connecting with you via DM to assist you better. Thank you.

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