How to close my Jupiter account?

Can someone explain the process?

@Harshith Connecting with you.

Visit the nearest federal bank branch…pay 100rs for account closure

No, who told this?

You can close your account via CS without visiting the branch and you don’t need to pay any charges (Confirmed By CS).

Closing account also wants to make online…neo bank is digital in all aspects, So it would needed to be online…BTW why did you closing Jupiter Account?..:thinking::thinking:

Account closing Procces for Online Started from 1st Oct and you can close your account if you want but this doesn’t make sense to close the account it’s good.

I have found some where in their FAQs section.

Ohh,but now Procces are changed. you need to chat with the told them if you want to close your account they will take your request to close the account.

First transfer your all money to your another account.

“Currently, you will have to visit the nearest Federal Bank branch to close your Jupiter account. However, we are working to provide this option within the app very soon.”

That’s the response I got…get your facts cheked before posting half baked info…

@Shawnpinto have you checked?

Few days ago I have asked this same you said online Proccess are live now.

The digital account closing process is not live yet. It’s being built.
But you can contact our support team for proof of confirmation for account closure and next steps.

Now, This is called transparency. Man This require guts to add a feature like this on the app itself.

Day by day Jupiter evolving and Yes, there might be hurdles in the way. As a member of this community I’m saying Jupiter is going to be a horse of the long race.