How to close Jupiter Account?

I’ve been facing a mobile number update issue for nearly 32 days, despite multiple emails and detailed screenshots. Unfortunately, the problem persists, impacting my experience. Regrettably, I’m considering closing my account. Please guide me how to permanently close Jupiter account.


contact customer support in the app they will do it

When app is not opening after error screen how will I contact them. If you talk about emails I sent them dozens of mails and replies from 29 Nov. Raising discuss here to show their ability to solve minor issues.

Just write a application for closure account on paper and sign on it and send the official email address via your registered email ID, mentioned your account number and reason.

Also attached your masked addhar and pan photocopy self attested by you.

And also check the federal Bank charges for account closure.

Im also facing the same issue any luck it got sorted for you