How often does maintenance happen?

Hi, I’ve been staring at this notification intermittently over the past couple of hours.

Earlier I do remember a notification that said maintenance will be happening from Feb 18- 11 AM to Feb 19- 2AM (or similar)

The irony is that I spotted this notification at Feb 19, 6AM ish, and that’s way past the time mentioned in the notification.

Was this a text mishap?

Or does scheduled maintenance happen often? If it does, wouldn’t it hamper transactions?

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@nateavi Hey! The bank lets us know in advance if there’s scheduled maintenance.
The bank services were down for:

  1. 18th Feb 11:45 PM - 19th Feb 2:00 AM
  2. 24th Feb 11:45 PM - 25th Feb 2:00 AM (Heads up)

If you’ve seen it on Feb 19th, 6 AM. We’ll need to check if the banner was still up at that time. Ideally, it shouldn’t.
Also, during maintenance, I suggest waiting for it to end and then use the app.