How are you guys taking screenshot 🙄

Cant take screenshot inside jupiter app

I have seen many people posting screenshot of bugs inside jupiter app. In my phone i cant take it. Some sort of anti screenshot and screen record protection is there for jupiter app🥲…

How can i take screenshot so that i could report the issues here at community?

Its better to have screenshot protection only where we enter our upi pin, mpin and not everywhere

@Aswin_Benny We can’t allow screenshots in the Jupiter app, it’s part of our regulations.
But you can do is, explain the bug you’ve seen in - Bug hunters 🐞 - Jupiter Community in the particular format and we’ll look into it :slight_smile:

iOS devices however are a different case. iOS gives limited power/control to app developers hence we couldn’t disable screenshots there.

Many tried to take a photo from another device in some cases.


laughs menacingly in iOS


At least, allow taking screenshots of UI elements without personally identifiable data or account information. It’d help market the app much better.

I’d like to tweet and share a screenshot of the auto-pay feature UI right now, but no I can’t since I’m on Android.

I like how OneCard allow taking screenshots of certain app UI’s. Much better than the blanket ban.

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@Binoy i agree with the screenshot thing. Screenshot protection must be there on every password/pin entering places, debit card section and not the full app. IOS folks have no issue for taking screenshot. I like how gpay does such things.

i am using my PC to take screen record and screenshot. But it cant be fixed if developer needs it to. I know such apps even pc method wont work


iPhone baby! I can take screenshots all day.

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I have suggested an idea, join here: