High interest rate on your Credit Card? 💳

Hey folks! @Research_centre

We want to connect with some of our Community members to understand your Credit Card usage :credit_card:


  • Do you ever pay minimum amount or lesser than total due on your credit card?
  • Were you aware about the interest/fee that will be charged to you?
  • How do you manage situations where you need to carry the balance to next month and pay interest?
  • In which situations do you carry current month’s bill to the next month?

Jupiter wants to continue helping users manage their finances better & these question will help us provide products which can save people from the high interest rates of credit cards.

If you’re interested in joining us over a quick Google meet/Zoom call, let us know!
It’ll hardly take 15min or less.

  • A) Yes, I’m in!
  • B) A
  • C) B
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Bonus tips on how to improve your credit score! :grin:
So, are you in?


I always opt for paying the Total Amount Due rather than the minimum due amount. I’ve heard that choosing the minimum due can lead to higher costs over time. I am not aware of the interest rates or fees associated with paying only the minimum due amount.


In the 7 years of usage of CC, always paid the full amount due till date.


Always paid the full amount for CC.

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Always the full amount

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Credit card kese aektiv KARNA he

I’ve been using credit cards since 2003. I’ve not even once paid anyting less than “Total Amount Due”. I totally understand the implications of not paying credit card dues in full by due date and would never do it. However, if you think I can help your users to manage their finances better, I’m happy to participate :slight_smile:


No, I never pay any amount lesser than the Total Amount Due.

Yes, I’m aware of interest rates of my credit cards.

Converting a big transaction or the entire bill to EMI is a lot better option than making partial payments.

No, I never faced any requirement for carrying forward the due to the next month.


Im in

Never so, others point not applicable for me

@here please only vote if you have ever paid less than total due amount, else please feel free to comment and share your insights with the community.

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Yes im interested

I have never paid below the due amount. As a matter of fact i have enabled auto pay on cards so that my account is auto debited in due date.

I am aware of interest & other charges as well as it might impact my credit score adversely.

Other questions are not applicable to me.

I always pay full amount :sweat_smile:. Spend only the money that I have


Bill aate hi do tin din mein payment kar deta hu. Faltu ka lafda kisko pasand hai?
Btw I am disappointed with Jupiter credit card, fees too high and rewards very little

@Jishu Could you please specify the fees which you feel are high ?

I also want to know in this meeting what should I do

@cakshitij Welcome to Jupiter Community !!

I second your thoughts. That’s the best way to maintain credit score and live an interest free life in spite of using a Credit Card.


@Kapil27 all you have to do is select Yes on the poll above.
Harshit will ping you privately. We’ll need to find a good time to connect :slight_smile:

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Hi all, if I have missed dming any one who voted, pls dm me, I will share my ph. number there :slight_smile: