GPay convenience fee for recharge


I just did a jio prepaid recharge of 749 on GPay and was charged a 3 rupees convenience fee. I did not know that GPay charges a convenience fee, So I just wanted to let everyone know.

I have done some testing and it looks like the convenience fees are like this:

For recharge amounts of 1 to 100, there is no convenience fee,

For recharge of 101 to 200 it’s a 1 rupee convenience fee,

For 201 to 300, it’s 2 rupees,

and for 301 and above, the maximum convenience fee is 3 rupees.


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Thank you for the information. I haven’t noticed those charges on my Google Pay yet, but it’s possible they’ll be implemented for everyone soon (Hope its done via UPI and not via any credit on UPI method).
Typically, I recharge through the Jupiter app, which doesn’t have any convenience fees, or occasionally through the Simpl Paylater app, where I encounter charges similar to what you mentioned (Now they started to charge a flat 49 Rs for their BillBox Facility). If am not wrong, someone from the community mentioned similar fees on Paytm earlier.

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Usually i just buy recharges from the official app of the jio/airtel and pay through debit card/credit card.

Bad news for gpay axis ace cc holders…

Currently almost everybody charging convenience fees for recharge & bill payment…

Better to do it via jio /Airtel app directly

Go with Amazon plus if u have the cc it gives cashback too