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I’d be instantly rich :smile:
I have 11,50,876 coins lol

Not sure where to use them

As of 15th February 2024, your Equitas account will be disabled on NiyoX and will be accessible only on the Niyo Global app.

Looks like Niyo is stopping niyox app and shifting it to niyo global app



What are your prediction which might appear in Cred app in future? :upside_down_face::smirk:

Here’s the problem :lying_face:

UPI payments failing amid server outages; NPCI working with banks

:disappointed_relieved: I wish everything gonna be alright in future :pleading_face:

That why jupiter apply amc charge on debit card


Another tool for troll army/mob to make someone look culprit without actual proven crime.

Following PayTM, it appears that Postpe, which is closely associated with Bharatpe, is also no longer functional :thinking:

It could be some random maintenance work.

Yeah. We should wait for official news for the same.

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:point_up: Important points by The Deshbhakt YT Channel

RBI’s crackdown on Paytm Payments Bank: The inside story

One 97 Paytm Share Price

Time to say goodbye to neo banks🫸🏽😂

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Opt in for a virtual LTF debit card

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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What are BPSP txns? Why has RBI kept them on hold, through card networks like Visa and Mastercard?