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NPCI’s ad about credit line on UPI
Hoping every other bank too start offering credit line to customers :+1:t2:

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Soon, others will also start offering it.

It’s profit magnet because credit line on UPI is not interest free for few days like CC. So, depending on the amount utilised, one has to pay interest rate.

I initially thought it’s similar to CC.


So, in all sense, as expected, this credit line on UPI is nothing but a modified version of BNPL apps :joy: Such apps needs to be backed by NBFCs , but here, there need not be any support since the sole players are banks !!!
I am waiting for SBI to start offering this credit lines, so that we can compare and arrive at a final conclusion whether it is good or bad for customers

I am really hoping that this doesn’t become “The Great Indian Debt Trap” :disappointed_relieved:

I am not sure how is this different from UPI now, Pay Later.

ICICI had it way before the GFF.

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I think ICICI had UPI Now Pay Later only for certain customers. Eg. Priority Banking Customers.

I don’t think it was available for all ICICI customers.

This may be a wider rollout of the same maybe with a different name.

yeah, that could be possible!

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Source: Top 53 Fintech Startups in India | Popular Finance Companies in 2023


Short good read. :slight_smile:


Quick Q: Are you able to use the Federal CBDC app? The Android app went kaput. Not able to onboard :expressionless:

What’s the situation on iOS? :eyes:

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Pressed the back button immediately viewing those recent reviews. :joy:

I don’t believe it available for iOS devices as yet. Tried searching for the exact app name on the App Store and could not find the application.

One of the common issues I have encountered with the iOS apps for HDFC and Bank of Baroda is that I am unable to send the verification SMS for sim verification. After entering the mobile number, I get redirected to the messages app. But the keyboard does not collapse for me click on the send button


There’s a reason why neobank’s thrive. The incumbent bank dev teams are a blessing :innocent:


Same here. The SIM verification fails on Android. Read somewhere that some CBDC bank apps are invite only, but not all share that upfront.

Also, for most CBDC apps you need to have an account with the bank to use it.

I did receive the invite. But the links in the email and WhatsApp messages always redirect to the Play Store app.

BQ Exclusive: RBI on an overdrive to set up Fintech Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO)

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Bhim app latest update


Anyone heard about the Paytm membership

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