Features needed on UPI

  1. Customisable UPI Id for privacy.

  2. A shorter UPI handle. The existing Jupiter axis is very long.

  3. Ability to jupiter handle the default one when one searches using mobile number.

  4. UPI Lite

  5. Pay to contacts.

  6. Credit card UPI

Although some of these features are on roadmap, there is a need to push them ahead of others to increase the UPI transactions throught native jupiter app and make them more convenient.

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The UPI Lite feature is not currently available on the Federal Bank end. This is an issue with the federal bank, and I believe Jupiter is unable to do anything about it at this time.

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Couldn’t agree more. Of these, points 1, 2, 3, 5 can really help in driving the adoption

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It’s live for federal Bank now. I have used it today on phonepe for jupiter account.

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Among all the suggestions, I need to see the first and second options happen soon

But unfortunately, Can’t see any progress here. Still stuck at 2022

Oh! I didn’t aware about that, when I last time checked on Paytm it’s not available then.

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Hope jupiter catches up to their other competitors soon.

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It’s available, i can see fedaral bank for UPI lite in paytm