Enhancing User Experience with UPI Lite Integration

I currently use multiple UPI payment apps such as Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Groww Pay, WhatsApp Pay, and Bajaj Pay. I have also used Google Pay in the past. The feature I want to discuss, UPI Lite, is also available on Google Pay and I generally use it on the Paytm app. However, I’ve recently encountered some issues with Paytm and PhonePe is not functioning well on my device. Therefore, I would like to use the UPI Lite feature on the Jupiter App. Unfortunately, the UPI Lite feature is not available in the UPI payment section of the Jupiter Money App, which prevents me from using it as frequently as I use Paytm. I would like to request the Jupiter Money development team to include the UPI Lite feature in their app, as other payment apps already offer this service.

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I agree with that. For small transactions i am facing the same issue. I hope Jupiter team work upon this. If wallet is provided then it will be same.i think Jupiter account is getting wallet in the future.

I agree with you need UPI Lite for better experince… :yum:

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