UPI Lite FeaturešŸ„¹

Please introduce UPI lite in Jupiter.Its a must need features. Save lot of time during small transaction and avoids inconvenience of entering pin for small transactions.


@Manoj1 I agree. UPI lite is a great feature. With regular UPI, I sometimes enter the wrong pin in a hurry. So I love to use UPI liteā€™s pin-less payments.

The UPI Lite feature has been requested multiple times in the past.

But as the Jupiter team is small compared to the bigger teams in other banks, it might take time for it to be implemented.

However, I am sure the team will bring it to the app ASAP.

@Manoj1 @alexnazy agreeing :100:
Hope Jupiter will implement this much requested feature soon.
Meanwhile You can link your Jupiter account on Gpay or BHIM app and can use the UPI lite feature. :+1:t2:

UPI lite and custom UPI id are the only reasons why I still have paytm installed. Hope jupiter will bring both to their app soon