Facing issues while on-boarding on FebMobile Application

Hello all,
I recently got Federal bank credit card for which i tried to signup on FedMobile app. But after mobile number verification app asking me to enter 14 digit account number which i don’t have with Federal Bank.
I’d these relationship related to fedral bank currently and in past -

  1. Fi account (Closed Recently)
  2. Jupiter account

I tried Jupiter and Fi account details but both gave error.

Now i don’t have any idea what to do and whom to contact coz Federal Bank customer support told me to visit branch and branch employees have no idea what to do. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Also when i login on FedNet it shows me my Jupiter account along with one more account number which i don’t know what is that(Tried this too in FedMobile). (Screenshot attached)

Also i can access my credit card details on FedNet.
This issue seems to be with FedMobile App only.

If anyone faced similar kind of situation please help.

The other account is for the pots account, you can verify this by going into settings of jupiter > then view all details of savings account.
Pots account number should be there at the bottom.

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Why did you closed Fi account?

@Naruto it was inactive account for me. No usage plus i didn’t liked it too. and then Fi CC is total waste. So all red flags for me