Existing to Bank Issue

There’s something going with Existing federal bank users. Most of us are getting error of “you’re an existing federal bank user”. I never got that error. Surprisingly I got ahead after mobile number verification and it asked for every details including the debit card dispatch address. After completing every step, I got the error of something went wrong.

@sneh.baxi care to clarify, how same set of users are able to get to different steps?

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Dming you to get more details @jdeep007 .
Thanks for highlighting this!

@sneh.baxi do let me know what details you require from me…

@sneh.baxi At least give us a estimated date when the service will be available for existing customers.

Same thing happens to me eventually

What happened? Everything Alright?

Hey @Amit_Rai1 I am assuming your pain point is not being able to access the product as an existing federal bank account limitation.
Current update is before the launch we are currently in the testing phase henceforth we do not want to assign a date for the launch and look it as day to day progress towards the day. However assurance for the community, would be the earliest to know about it.

@Akshat Thanks for giving community members your assurance.

@Akshat @sneh.baxi
Any insights on KYC Process? It’s nearing month end, and we’ve been waiting.

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