Edge card experience

People who hold the edge credit card, how was the onboarding process compared to other digital first cards such as onecard, kiwi etc, how good is the rewards system and where would you rank this card in the beginner segment

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The Credit Card that you’ve been waiting for is finally here!

Onboarding process was smooth and instant.
Virtual CC was generated within a minute.

Card was delivered on 3rd or 4th day (I have mentioned the exact time in above thread).

Onboarding Kit was also good, it also included a card holder.

Only downside is the reward system as of now.


The onboarding experience was the best.

I’ve always had to fill in applications and wait for a long time to know if I got the card or not.

Jupiter was a completely different story.

Applied - 6:27PM
Received confirmation & card details - 6:28PM

Best experience ever. If only all the cards are available in this way.

I know that Amazon Pay ICICI credit card was probably the first one to introduce instant card approval in India. But it wasn’t for everybody and I had to wait for the approval.

I haven’t used the Edge card yet.

Again because of the minimal rewards.


But if you don’t spend 1.2L a year you will have to pay ₹999, so are you planning to close the card after a year?

@mryashchauhan I got the credit card during the lifetime free offer period. So no annual fees need to be paid. I hope… :grin:


One of the best onboarding experince tbt. I have been an early adopter of jupiter account , the card overall dint seem to intrest me at all cuz of the reward system which is not good plus the 999 charges. But recently got an ltf offer , hence took the card. The kits great including the leather wallet. The entire process took like 5 mins with same limit as my other credit cards. Physical card delivered within 2 days. For now cards not that good since you cant use it in sales or food delivery apps under fedral cc offers. Hope it has a bright future since i heard its in its early stages.

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Hopefully the new one is better, but can’t expect big discounts from a fintech company, the UPI integration and Jupiter app is going to be the big selling point