Do your internal teams live on different planets?

Jupiter is all talk and no substance.

I had a simple question about jewel redemption. The chat in the app does not understand it, so I connected to an “expert”. The expert said he is from banking team and I should contact credit card team. He created another chat link, and that points back to the previous chat!

Since the app chat wasn’t helpful, I wrote an email. I received a response that I should use the chat in the app! Or I should contact the credit card team.

Why do I, as a customer, have to care about your internal teams? Why do you expose your internal silos outside the company?

If you can ask me to forward the email to some other team internally, why can’t you just do that yourself?

Is the company management aware of this silo minded working?


Hai @KashtSeMar Welcome to the community.
Is it related to CC Rewards?
To which email did you sent the request?
Kindly mail the issue to edge -csb -support if its related with CSB Edge Rupay Card.

Typical SBI just in online.
Chat and Support is too complicated and doesn’t help.


My question was very simple: can I redeem jewels to any bank account, that is, other than Jupiter bank account?

The answer is either yes or no. It doesn’t even need my account details. For that matter, it doesn’t even need me to have a Jupiter account, you can even publicly post this information on your website.

But without even reading the question or understanding what I asked, the customer care responded like a robot (“The mail mentions credit card so tell customer to email credit card department, without even thinking”).

Once the customer has contacted the company through the official contact email address, why does the customer need to again send mails to other people, and why can’t it be handled internally in the company?

That is what silo culture means, and your response here also suggests the same.

Bro, I’m not affiliated with Jupiter’s internal team nor am I an employee of Jupiter. I’m just a regular savings account holder and an active member of the community. That’s all.

Firstly, you didn’t even mentioned the actual query in the original post. You just mentioned “I had a simple question about jewel redemption”. Only after 21 days, you are mentioning your actual issue, i.e., “My question was very simple: can I redeem jewels to any bank account, that is, other than Jupiter bank account?”

Secondly : You said you wrote the mail. It was unclear to which email you wrote since they have two separate mail ids for general enquires and for Rupay credit card related issues.

My intention was simply to assist you in reaching the appropriate team and what I understand is that at present, you can redeem jewels (Converted to cash) only to Jupiter account.

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Ok I didn’t know that you are not affiliated with Jupiter, sorry about that.

For the rest, it doesn’t really matter what my actual query was. The important point is whether the Jupiter management knows about the silo culture in the company, and whether they care about it. Given that they haven’t even bothered replying, and instead they’re freeloading on community members to answer such queries, I guess it shows how much they care.

As for the 21 days to respond, fixing Jupiter’s internal problems isn’t really a priority for me. Some days back, they had sent an email about some new gimmick called 3-in-1 rewards, so I logged in to give them feedback on it, and that’s when I saw some notifications on this post.

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Hello Aravind.

We hear your concern. We are connecting with you via DM to discuss this further.

Thank you.