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Well cred coins are definitely useless but certain features like Recent spends, card offers & also dynamic bill due sections are useful but not 100% accurate.
Hope to see Credit card AA in the future

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Better to use debit card offering upto 1% cashback for credit card bill payment

They charge 0.1-0.2% transaction fees so the rewards after that is negligible.

I use hdfc debit card for 1% cashback on credit card bill pay

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i believe Jupiter Pro benifit are for non credit card users only

Credit and loan repayment not eligible for Jupiter debit card jewels. Check reward T&C sections for more exclusion list

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Wait a sec, I don’t have the coin generator section.
Where did you find it? :sweat_smile:


Yesterday when I re-installed the app, and it was there :smiley: :smiley: and I got 6000 coins

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hackerman lol

Do the lucky draws work? Been trying 5 to 10 tries for months. I do get brand vouchers though.
It’s like a 25% chance of winning, pretty high.

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Appreciating your patience Shawn. :clap:t2: :clap:t2:
I quit the same after 5-10 tries :grinning: :grinning:

I liked the animation :stuck_out_tongue:
Saw some party poppers too, haha!

Will cred launch credit card??? :thinking:
A lot of users data, transaction behaviour etc are already with cred

about cred/credit card/ federal bank, new cc launching soon :

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Haha… My computer skills are limited to proficiency in MS Office suites. :grinning: :grinning:

Feels like another KIWI.
No details or anything on the website, just a form to ‘collect’ user information. :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

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Let them reveal the product first then will join the waitlist

it’s maybe for travelling people who would use cc. i think.

Kiwi & uni are next on my radar. Hope they don’t disappoint :grinning:

so uni is now proper credit card?